Mom, Educator, Advocate,
inspiration giver, lover of
family & friends

Jessica holds a Masters degree in both Education and Social Work. With Jessinspires Life Coaching, she is bridging the gap between Education and Social Work. She is focused on educating others through coaching them to meet their own needs to enhance their own social functioning, self-determination, health and well-being as a whole.

What If Your Breakthrough Is Just A Few Steps Away?

My name is Jessica Flanagan and I've always been a person that encourages and motivates others. I have been coaching people in my life to take steps and elevate to their fullest potential. It is my passion to assist others in meeting their personal and professional goals.

I believe that everyone is capable of moving into their spotlight of success. The key to getting ahead is a matter of our mindset. A positive mindset is the driving force to achievement. Many fall into the mindset of self doubt, fear and overwhelm when it comes to moving to the next level. Sometimes, we even find ourselves in the pits of allowing our past to hold us captive and prevent us from our purpose. Those negative pitfalls does not have a place in your life anymore. Your breakthrough is now, let's start the work!

Transform With


Jessica accepts a limited number of clients. If you are ready to make the commitment to change your life, contact her today to align with the package that can elevate you into your lifelong dreams.