5 Steps to Achieving Success

Have you ever felt like you were stuck on a mundane path wanting something better for yourself? Maybe not knowing how to move forward. Some people feel that they are capable of something better but breaking the cycle of what is happening now seems like an impossible task. Maybe you want to go back to school but you have to focus on the kids. Perhaps you desire a completely new career but feel you lack the time or energy to learn something new. There are possibilities when it seems impossible. These steps will help you get there.

1. Set the Goal

It is not wise to shoot and not have a target so the first step is deciding to set a goal. Decide what it is you want to achieve. Write it down, pray about it and talk about it with your loved ones. Talking it out with loved ones can offer you the support and motivation that you need to put action to your plan.

2. Map Out Your Goal

Mapping out your goal means breaking your goal into smaller steps and tasks. They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Think of your big goal as the elephant and your smaller goals as the bites. The smaller steps will make the goal more manageable.  Smaller goals can be as simple as steps like contacting the college to ask questions, research what the qualifications are and so forth.

3. Monitor the Progress

Find a way  to monitor your progress such as checking items off of a to-do list, marking items as complete on your computer or whatever way works for you. Seeing things grow is addicting. That feeling is liberating and evidence to yourself that you are making progress towards your goal. Actually taking the time to see what you have already accomplished can help you to stay the course.

4. Never Give Up

As you make progress on your goal, you may find that some steps are more challenging than some. You may find that college courses are more challenging than you thought, the load is overwhelming or whatever the difficulty may be. When you reach this point, seek help. Remember why you started the journey, look at how far you have already come and talk to your loved ones. Those loved ones can provide you with encouragement, assist you and maybe provide you with tips on how they overcame similar challenges. Your village can be an important part of reaching your goal.

5. Relish in Your Success

Congratulations on reaching your goal. Once you reach your goal, reflect on the process. Remember that it took time and dedication to get to success so be sure to celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrating and actually feeling the success can motivate you to begin work on other goals.

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