Life has Purpose

We are all here for a reason although that reason is not always known to us. I believe that life is a series of things that “happen” to us. Yet, at the same time, I also believe that we are in control of what we do in response to these “happenings”.

I believe that God designed us with a purpose in mind. There are definitely some things that I have been through that I could not understand at the time. One of those being foster care. When in foster care, I constantly questioned why me. However now that I am an adult and I get to work with other foster youth, why not me. My past experiences were preparing me for what was to come. I now carry that belief each and every day. 

The things that “happen” to us can be good or bad.  The good things usually encourage us to keep going. On the other hand, when bad things “happen”, we tend to have a choice in how it affects us. We can either use it as motivation to grow or we can allow it to define us and stifle our growth. Both choices can pose difficulty.

Just knowing that we have purpose can give us strength. We may not know that purpose but sometimes our daily life purposes are simple. It may be that someone needs your smile to start their day. It may be that someone needs your help because you are all they have to depend on. We may not know our purpose but you should know that someone somewhere needs exactly what you have to offer and that is purpose.

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