Are You an Asset or Liability?

One of the best compliments that I have ever received was from a cousin. He said to me, “You are an asset, not a liability”. Upon first hearing these words, I was very modest and thought that was a nice compliment. After taking time to really digest the words, those are powerful words. I have clung to them from that moment on and I refresh my memory of those words whenever I need a reminder. 

Cambridge dictionary describes an asset as “a useful or valuable quality, skill, or person”. Meanwhile, Oxford describes a liability as a person or thing whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage.

Liabilities put something or someone at a risk or disadvantage. Think about how a bank looks at someone with poor credit requesting a loan. They see them as a risk and are less likely to approve the loan but if they do, they prepare for the worst by charging higher amounts in interest. In work environments, the liability is the one jeopardizing the company through negativity,  poor customer service, speaking poorly of the company or many other things. Upper management looks for ways to cut their losses. Sometimes, the losses are the people that are damaging the company and causing them to have a poor reputation and lose customers. Those would be the liability that we speak of. In friendships and relationships, the liability is often the weakest link. The liability takes from others and brings little to nothing to the table.

Assets on the other hand enhance the wellbeing of their workplace and of the people in their lives. When I think of assets, I think of expensive items that do not decrease in value. At work, assets can be seen increasing productivity, providing excellent customer service and helping to improve the company as a whole. In relationships, assets make the lives of those around them better. They have a good amount of give and take. Overall, assets add value in all situations.

Each day, we get to choose to be an asset or liability. Make it a daily goal to be an asset in all situations throughout your day. Some days, we falter but we can remind ourselves that we are an asset and not a liability.

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