Discover which coaching package meets your needs on your pathway to success. Your life, your choice.

90 Days to Courageous Leadership

Do you know what you want just not how to get there? This package is for those who want the most support in connecting with what inspires you. This package has consistent weekly support and mapping to help you reach the next level.

This program consists of:


-12 weekly one-on-one virtual sessions with Jessica

. Goal mapping tailored to your unique needs with personalized recommendations

.Email support

4 Week "Get Inspired" Package

Do you know what you want to do but lack the belief that you can actually do it? This program will give you a running start to getting to success. Within this program, you will receive 2 one hour virtual sessions and two 30 minute virtual sessions. The first session we will determine the road block that is preventing you from reaching your fullest potential. The second session you will receive a personalized plan with directions and tasks designed to help you advance. Session 2 and 3 will consist of one-on-one “Are you inspired yet?” sessions to help elevate your mindset. 

4 Week "Get Inspired" Package Includes:

. One 90-minute Deep Dive call

. Customized recommendations to accomplish your personal goals

. Two weeks of unlimited support through email and text

. 30-minute follow-up call at the end of the two week

. Create a roadmap towards your goals with a step-by-step plan for how to achieve them

"Inspiration Check" Package

This package is for those who are well on their way to creating their success who run into bumps in the road. With this package, you can receive the coaching when you feel you need it most

"Inspiration Check" Package Includes:

. One introduction goal setting session

. 3 sessions when you need it for up to a year

. Email support

On Demand

I also do “On demand” sessions for those who just need a coach today. This requires no long term commitment. This is for those needing someone to listen, someone to motivate them and someone to coach them on impromptu situations that life sometimes throws us.

Your life, your choice. Many believe that is the choices that we make that affect our future. Sometimes, it is the choices that we fail to make that hurts us without us even realizing a missed opportunity. Make the choice that moves you to success. Contact me today to start with the package that meets your needs. I am happy to assist you in your journey to fulfillment, inner happiness and arriving at your place of purpose.